1. Popular Sex Toys for Lesbians

    It's common knowledge that most sex toys can be used for any person (or combination of people) with any kind of body, but if you've found that the majority of toys seem to market to heterosexual couples, never fear! There are plenty of toys on the market that will work wonders for lesbian couples. 


    The first toy, the

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  2. A guide to spanking


    Women have many sexual fantasies and studies have shown time and again that these fantasies occasionally border on the odd and extreme. Some of them range from anal intoxication (forgive the vulgar imagination) to zoological bestiality (zoological for wild animals). Yes, women's fantasies are much stranger than those of men, with a little imagination and creativity I'm sure they can come up with much more weird ideas.

    How to spank and what adult toy products can help with spanking

    However, a common fantasy women face is spanking, this may be attributed to the numerous nerve endings around the

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  3. Giving the best erotic massage: What do I need?


    Everyone knows that foreplay is the key to amazing sex and certainly the best way to keep any love life full of adventure. However, satisfying her can become an impossible task without having the right set of skills and the right kind of toys. You won't get very far by simply scratching her back dry handed. Unlike most men, women can achieve an orgasm through soft and gentle touch in the right places and giving her an intense erotic massage will be sure to put her in the mood and take your sex life to the next level. Erotic massage is one of the most intimate forms of touch and is a terrific way to turn her on and transition your night into one of sensuality and passion.

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  4. Useful Tips For Choosing And Using A Condom


    Why Use A Condom?

    In this world of exotic diseases, condoms have become a necessity for every person before engaging in any sexual activities. For the sake of your own protection, it is good to find the right type of condom and use it appropriately. However, most people do not like using condoms since they find them a nuisance as they are seen as distractions to enjoying the pleasure of having sex. By adhering to certain tips, you can find the right condom for you that will not inflict any pain or cause any obstruction during sex.

    Choice and Proper Usage of a Condom.

    First, you need to choose the best condom brand that won’t react negatively with your skin and cause complications. There a

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  5. A Darker Shade of Love: Some Ideas on Entry Level BDSM


    A resurgence of interest in BDSM, or commonly sexual activities with elements of a power exchange involved, was inevitable with the release of 50 Shades of Grey, an imperfect if endearing example of a relationship with BDSM elements. Unfortunately, it is not a great primer on becoming a BDSM practitioner. Luckily, there are a number of toys that can be put to use without much cost or training!

    1. Remote Controlled Vibrators
    Being able to give your lover pleasure with the press of a button can put a surprising amount of control in your hands. Whether you want

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  6. Female Ejaculation and sex toys to help you with squirting


    A good sex life is key to a good relationship. Many companies have come up with sex toys that can enhance a good sex life. Professionals have encouraged couples to try out this sex toys to boost their sex life thus making marriages not to fall out due to boring sex lives. Most experts encourage females to use this sex toys for maximum satisfaction, since females prove to be the hardest gender to please during sexual intercourse.

    Companies have come up with female ejaculation and sex toys product to help with female ejaculation. This product are made from very safe materials that ensure

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  7. Make Your Own Sex Toy Room


    Did 50 Shades of Grey get you just a little bit curious? Of course it did. You wondered what it would be like to take some of that fun into your own Bed Room and spice up your sex life a bit.

    Something 50 Shades of Grey, the movie and the books, did was pique our curiosity, but also gave us permission to seek out those grey areas and explore them without embarrassment. So if you want to explore your BDSM side with your very own 'toy room", just like 50 Shades of Grey, we can help.

    For some people the idea of being tied up is very, very erotic. That feeling of helplessness, of giving yourself up to your partner is incredibly hot. It goes without saying that this is an activity only to be undertaken with someone you completely

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  8. Enjoying Pregnancy and Top Sex Toys for Pregnant Women


    Pregnancy is the genesis of several amazing physical changes on a woman's body. It brings about various thoughts, emotions and feelings and sexual one of those feelings. During pregnancy a woman has many questions criss-crossing her mind like: Can having sex cause any injuries to the baby? Is it OK to use sex toys? How can I satisfy myself and my partner sexually?

    Enjoying sexual pleasures during pregnancy is very OK and any woman can enjoy sex unless they have experienced cases of miscarriage during orgasm. Below are some sex toys suggestions which can add pleasure to your sex-life at each stage of pregnancy.

    First and Second Trimester.
    Once your doctor has cleared you

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  9. Enema Anal & Sex Toys for The Ultimate Satisfaction


    Sex toys are nowadays a hit in the market. More and more people are going to use the same for ultimate satisfaction if he or she is devoid of any physical partner. One such product that is extremely popular among the anal sex lover these days is the Enema Anal Toy. This is a range of anal sex toys which are specially designed to satisfy the users and to take them to the ultimate level of pleasure and enjoyment. Let’s have a look what the Enema

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  10. Why lingerie is the perfect gift for any lady

    There are many ways of surprising a lady and making them feel good about themselves while at the same time celebrating their beauty and earning their love and trust in return. One of the best ways of going about this is by buying them a gift which makes you stand out among her many friends. Have you ever considered something naughty such as a g string or some hot panties for your lady friend? If no there is no need to worry as there is always time to make amends and if yes you must hate yourself for not having done so on every other day.

    There are many reasons why lingerie is the perfect gift for any lady not only it brings out the best in them but because they are a really beautiful piece of clothing and which makes both sexes do things they wouldn’t normally do under similar circumstances. Apart from being overly sexy and erotic in nature, a good piece of lingerie is comfortable, expressive and speaks volumes about your relationship w

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