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Christmas sex toy gift ideas

I always feel lost right before Christmas. I always have difficulties picking out the right gift. Don’t get me wrong, once I have the right present I usually make that person very happy with it but it is the procedure, research and the countless hours I spend on getting the coolest present. If that time could be reduced I was a very happy man. That is the reason why I decided to write this post. I wanted to help my fellow problematic gift givers.

I did my research and picked out a few very cool sex toys for you to give to your friends or loved ones. They can serve as a fantastic, trendy and even useful gifts. Why buying a sex toy as a Christmas present a good idea?

  • Nobody expects to get a sex toy for Christmas, really. It will be a real surprise.
  • A sex toy is actually a very useful item. Makes people happy… very happy 🙂
  • Buying a sex toy means that you are actually giving pure pleasure as a gift
  • You would want that person to use the gift what he/she was given…

I came up with 3 categories. Girls, guys and couples. I hand picked 5 sex toys for each category. I tried to select the best ones in terms of price and quality. Let’s start with those categories below.

Christmas sex toy gift ideas for girls

Lelo Siri


Lelo was established by an engineer and two industrial designers. They were extremely unhappy with the looks and quality of sex toys at that time and they thought they can do much better. They definitely could as Lelo became the number one Luxury sex toy brand. Lelo toys are made of the best, hypoallergenic materials, they have unique design and known do their job perfectly. Lelo Siri is Lelo’s take on a clitoral massager. The product offers 6 different stimulation modes and 10 speeds. It comes with its own battery 2 hours of charging is equal to 4 hours of pleasure. Lelo Siri can be purchased for $89.95 including free shipping. Buy Lelo Siri here.

Sex in the shower vibrating mesh sponge


The Sex in the shower brand offers a range of products for infinite wet fun. It is time to spice up your intimate bathroom moments. The sex in the shower vibrating mesh sponge is a fantastic sex toys that brings discreet pleasure right to your bathtub. It combines a mesh sponge and a bullet vibrator which is powered by a Watch/AG13 battery. The vibrating bullet is located in the middle of the sponge distributing the vibration evenly to every part of the sponge providing a sensational feeling wherever you touch your body with it. The sex in the shower vibrating mesh sponge will cost you $14.50. Buy sex in the shower vibrating mesh sponge here.

Silk silicone dildo


These silk silicone dildos offer the best old school non-vibrational fun. They are made of tantus silicone which is the most reliable, safe, soft, hypoallergenic, phthalate free material used for sex toys. Silk silicone dildos come in 3 different sizes. The small one is 4.5 inches length, 0.875 inch diameter, 2 inch flared base. The medium one is 5.5 inches length, 1.25 inch diameter, 2.25 inch flared base. The large one is 7 inches length, 1.5 inch diameter, 2.5 inch flared base. Silk silicone dildos will set you back $32.99 each.  Buy Silk silicone dildos here.

Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager


Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager is the ultimate clitoral stimulator and body massager. It delivers a very strong and persistent vibration through its soft, hypoallergenic,  thermoplastic rubber head. It has 7 gears to pick from. While the first few gears are intended for teasing the last few gears will give an orgasm in minutes to the lucky user. The product comes with its own built-in battery and charger, avoiding problems coming with non-rechargeable batteries. The Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager costs $42.95. Buy Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager here.

Panty Pleasure Ergonomic Vibe


This lovely sex toy is intended for those who love to get off anywhere they are. The Panty Pleasure Ergonomic Vibe can be carried discreetly everywhere they go. This sex toy provides pleasure on the go relieving tension even while working in an office or sitting in a park reading a book. It comes with a removable vibrating bullet powered by 3xLR44 tab batteries. The device can be turned on and off with an easy one touch push button. It is made of the combination of ABS plastic and silicone and completely hypoallergenic. The Panty Pleasure Ergonomic Vibe sells for $27.95. Buy Panty Pleasure Ergonomic Vibe here.

Christmas sex toy gift ideas for guys

Robo Suck II


This automatic sucking machine will get him off in no time. It is not only a penis pump but it also emulates sucking so it is not the vibration that causes the orgasm but the strong sucking action. It is made of Non-Phthalate PVC and it is powered by 4xC batteries. The speed can be set by the external controller provided. Robo Suck II will cost you $64.95. Buy Robo Suck II here.

Naughty Boy Prostate Massager


Naughty Boy Prostate Massager is intended for the adventurous men. It gives the sensation of hands-free prostate orgasm which can not be compared to the regular orgasm. One use for the Prostate massager is to keep the orgasmic state up for a longer time causing extended pleasure to the user.

Naughty Boy is the little brother of the famous rude boy prostate massager. It has been downscaled in size and diameter so it can be inserted more easily. It comes in blue and black colors and made of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. The vibration is provided by RO-80MM Power Bullet with 7 vibration modes and it is powered by single N-Size battery. The product is 8 Inches Long, 5 Inches Insertable, and 1.6 Inch in diameter. Naughty Boy Prostate Massager sells for $54.95. Buy Naughty Boy Prostate Massager here.

Hero Remote Control wireless Cock Ring


This wireless cock ring provides pleasure for both. The vibrating bullet can be removed and used to stimulate the penis or the clitoris alike. Once combined it converts the penis into a real-life vibrator while the strong vibration stimulates the penis and the testicles.The vibration intensity is controlled by its wireless controller. It is made of Silicone and ABS with PU coating and it is powered by 3xLR44 batteries. The Hero Remote Control wireless Cock Ring costs $34.50. Buy Hero Remote Control wireless Cock Ring here.

Ultimate Male Masturbation Wand Kit


This kit combines a wand massager and a professional stroker  attachment to provide one of the most intense orgasms to the person that uses it. The wand has 8 speeds and 8 functions to choose from and  it comes with its own rechargeable battery. For detailed information please see our review on the Wand Essentials Rechargeable 7-Speed Wand Massager which is kind of similar to the wand that provides the engine of this product. The Ultimate Male Masturbation Wand Kit goes for $99.95. Buy Ultimate Male Masturbation Wand Kit here.

 Gun Oil Silicon Lube


Gun Oil is a top rated silicone based lube. It is waterproof and it won’t get sticky after some time after application. Perfect for masturbation aid or to make that toy slide seamlessly. It is being sold in 2, 4, 8 oz sizes. Gun Oil Silicon Lube costs between $10.50 and $20.40. Buy Gun Oil Silicon Lube here.

Christmas sex toy gift ideas for couples

4 Piece couples intimacy Kit


This couples sex toy kit is the perfect beginners kit to try different toys for an affordable price. The kit contains a vibrator,  vibrating bullet, texture sleeve and a cock ring. Couples can try vaginal and clitoral stimulation even, at the same time. Cock ring with clitoral massager, that provides extra pleasure for the lady during the intercourse. The vibrating bullet can also be used on the penis or testicles to provide extra sensation for the gentleman using it. The vibrating bullet and the vibrator is made of ABS plastic the texture sleeve and cock ring is made of TPR.  The 4 Piece couples intimacy Kit goes for $27.95. Buy 4 Piece couples intimacy Kit here.

Fetish Fantasy Series Ultimate Fantasy Kit


The Fetish Fantasy Series Ultimate Fantasy Kit is the most comprehensive beginner’s bdsm kit of all times. It has all bdsm toys needed to try different fetishes. The kit contains the following items: Satin Mask, Inflatable Position Master, Feather Tickler, Suction Cuffs, Cat O’Nine Tail Whip, First Timer’s Cuffs, On-The-Go Keychain Warming Lotion, Wax Play Candle, Mouth Gag, Tether set,  Bondage Tape, 1oz. Lubricant, Mini Massager, Harness.  The Fetish Fantasy Series Ultimate Fantasy Kit costs $109.95 and it well worth its price. Buy Fetish Fantasy Series Ultimate Fantasy Kit here.

Sex in the Shower Suction handcuffs


The Sex in the shower brand offers a range of products for infinite wet fun. Ever thought about having soft BDSM in the bathtub? With this lovely sex toy you can fullfill your bathroom sex fantasies. These handcuffs can also be used on any other smooth and flat surface. Each cuffs are tied to an industrial strength suction cup so breaking free will not be an easy option for your lover. The Sex in the Shower Suction handcuffs can be purchased for $24.99. Buy Sex in the Shower Suction handcuffs here.

Seamless Fishnet Halter-Top Open-Bust Body Stocking



This one size fits most body stocking is the perfect turn on for your male partner. It covers most of the body yet it is open at the most important female body parts. Get pleased orally or simply have sex without even removing it. TheSeamless Fishnet Halter-Top Open-Bust Body Stocking goes for $9.95. Buy Seamless Fishnet Halter-Top Open-Bust Body Stocking here.

xxxmas cane


The xxmas cane is the typical kinky Christmas present. It is a very nicely presented arty gift. This dildo is made of glass and the dimensions are 8 inch length, 7 inch insertable. The xxmas cane costs $24.99 and only being sold around Christmas time. Buy xxxmas cane here.