Popular Sex Toys for Lesbians

It’s common knowledge that most sex toys can be used for any person (or combination of people) with any kind of body, but if you’ve found that the majority of toys seem to market to heterosexual couples, never fear! There are plenty of toys on the market that will work wonders for lesbian couples. 


The first toy, the strap-on, is probably also one of the most well-known. A strap-on has two parts: firstly, the harness, which can be made of leather or cloth depending on your preference, and secondly, the dildo. Some people prefer leather harnesses because they warm up after contact with the skin and they mold to the wearer’s body, but others like the softness of cloth harnesses. Some harnesses also have hidden pockets that can hold a bullet vibrator for the wearer. As for the second required piece for a strap-on, you’re probably already aware of the wide variety of dildos available for your pleasure! You can use small dildos, large dildos, textured or smooth, phallic or strangely-shaped. Harnesses generally require silicone dildos, but that still allows for a wide range of shapes and sizes for whatever your mood may be.


Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned hand between the legs, but let’s be honest: sometimes the key to a night full of bucking, writhing and wild animal noises lies not in your fingers but in a reliable pair of batteries. If you can imagine it, it probably exists as a vibrator. There are the classic phallus-shaped vibrators for those who like to keep it simple, and vibrating toys that look and feel like tongues (because really, who doesn’t want to feel the magic that a vibrating tongue can offer?). Many heroes now produce vibrators designed especially for dual stimulation, making a once-monotonous sex routine into Christmas and your birthday both at the same time. It’s like being able to enjoy both gingerbread cookies and birthday cake in the same night, except for your vagina. There are even fingertip vibrators that fit against the pads of your fingers, making touch ten times more intense.


And of course no discussion of sex toys would be complete without a shout-out to the slightly kinky. You don’t need a man to reap the benefits of a set of handcuffs, a blindfold, or a paddle. Another fun addition to your toy box is the butt plug, which ranges in size from “playing it safe” to “I am going to feel that tomorrow!” for seriously mind-boggling orgasms.

A guide to spanking


Women have many sexual fantasies and studies have shown time and again that these fantasies occasionally border on the odd and extreme. Some of them range from anal intoxication (forgive the vulgar imagination) to zoological bestiality (zoological for wild animals). Yes, women’s fantasies are much stranger than those of men, with a little imagination and creativity I’m sure they can come up with much more weird ideas.

How to spank and what adult toy products can help with spanking

However, a common fantasy women face is spanking, this may be attributed to the numerous nerve endings around the midsection in a woman’s body. A relatively higher concentration is found at the hips, going towards the softer buttock area and finally merging at the clitoral and larger vaginal section. Stimulation of these nerve endings usually results in an endorphin rush that significantly increases sexual pleasure.

Science aside, there’s something very naughty and erotic about spanking. For the kinky, it kind of reinforces the “bad girl/slave whore” realization. It is especially true for the women who haven’t yet come to terms with this, till after being in bed with a sexually dominant man.

Spanking is usually done while in a foreplay session that lead to sex. However it can also be done in the process of intercourse to complement the sexual tension leading up to an orgasm. For those used to hand spanking, a spanking paddle can be used with great effect to increase the sensitivity of the bottom. After you are more accustomed to spanking use a variety of methods explore what works for you. You may try spanking harder. Or you might want to vary the speed, frequency, pressure and the area of placement of the hits. This may change with different partners, but lots of practice will ensure success.

For the more experienced, you can invest in more advanced spanking paddles such as the Bondage Boutique Advanced Split Leather Paddle. This amazing innovation ensures that you receive hits on both cheeks and you also experience double pleasure accompanied with the soft leather feeling.


If you want to take to the next level then Caning, flogging and whipping are for you. Flogging involves using a flogger that incorporates many tails connected to a handle. The great thing is that flogging can be used anywhere on the body due to the distribution of hits by the many tails a flogger contains, hence multiple pleasure. It should however be done carefully to avoid any injury. Flogging should not be used on the head and facial areas. Floggers come in various forms such the long handled Sportsheets Body Tickler Ball Chain Whip and the short handled Bondage Boutique Advanced Extra Long Suede Flogger.



For the cane, it is even more applicable with a teacher-student or a daddy-daughter fetish in mind. It is similar to a whip, however it causes less pain for the same amount of force applied. You should use it to strike the lower bottom, upper thigh region on your partner’s body. Do not use the tip to strike, rather, spare a few inches from the skin. Canes do not come in a wide variety due to their simplicity, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather and PVC Cane seems to be a popular choice for this particular role.


If you feel flogging doesn’t do it then you can try whipping. A whip has a single slender extension that offers a greater intense feeling on a single region. You could start with a riding crop then make your way up to the bullwhips. The Bad Kitty Heart Shaped Riding Crop should serve beginners well, while for the more advanced, the Lux Fetish 6 Foot Bull Whip should come in handy. Whips are painful and dangerous when used by an inexperienced and careless hand, so lots of practice is advised.



For whipping and flogging extra care should be observed and a safe word should be used when boundaries are crossed. Also, pay special attention to skin care after these sessions, we don’t want you getting bruises to the body areas that afford you the most pleasure. View the full range of BDSM products from Sextoyshop.us the best adult shop online in the USA.

Giving the best erotic massage: What do I need?


Everyone knows that foreplay is the key to amazing sex and certainly the best way to keep any love life full of adventure. However, satisfying her can become an impossible task without having the right set of skills and the right kind of toys. You won’t get very far by simply scratching her back dry handed. Unlike most men, women can achieve an orgasm through soft and gentle touch in the right places and giving her an intense erotic massage will be sure to put her in the mood and take your sex life to the next level. Erotic massage is one of the most intimate forms of touch and is a terrific way to turn her on and transition your night into one of sensuality and passion. 

Massage Oils: Warming her up is not just a saying. Throwing a good massage oil into the mix will help give you the edge that you need. Using the right oil will increase sensation and make every sensual touch all the more satisfying while heating and moisturizing the skin all at the same time. The oil can be used to massage every part of her body and also be used to help stimulate any of her sensitive areas. You might also find that using the oil will help make giving the massage a pleasure and not a chore. For extra intensity, heat up the oil before giving the massage. Make sure the oil is safe before using internally.

Vibrators: These toys speak for themselves. Although using them on traditional places while you give her a massage will be orgasmic, you can also use them to intensify the massage on almost any part her body, making every one of her hairs stand up on end. You can adjust the speed of the vibrator to the right level to maximize pleasure. Additionally, these toys can be used hand in hand with massage oil to help make the massage all the more pleasurable. 

Massage Candles: Perhaps the most adventurous, these can be used as a great alternative to massage oils. The whole concept is downright sexy and sensual. You simply light the candle and let it melt. Once it’s melted, you can pour it over her skin and massage her body. Pouring it bit by bit on different areas of the body will surely help to make it more pleasurable for her. The candles are normally made from soy and do not melt at the same temperature as traditional candles. The wax feels soothingly warm and not scorching hot, so burns are of no concern. Check out all the great products online from Sextoyshop.us.

Useful Tips For Choosing And Using A Condom


Why Use A Condom?

In this world of exotic diseases, condoms have become a necessity for every person before engaging in any sexual activities. For the sake of your own protection, it is good to find the right type of condom and use it appropriately. However, most people do not like using condoms since they find them a nuisance as they are seen as distractions to enjoying the pleasure of having sex. By adhering to certain tips, you can find the right condom for you that will not inflict any pain or cause any obstruction during sex.

Choice and Proper Usage of a Condom.

First, you need to choose the best condom brand that won’t react negatively with your skin and cause complications. There are two types of condoms; the male condom and the female condom. The male condom fits over the man’s penis while the female condom fits inside the vagina thus offering protection during intercourse. Condoms are available i8n many convenient places including supermarkets, gas stations, clinics among other places.

Yes, size matters. There is no standard size for condoms and manufacturers produce them in varying sizes. The width also varies as some will provide a tight fit while some will be slightly larger. You will have to do your own research to find the right one for you. No need to worry because condoms stretch when necessary to fit you. When unwrapping the condom, be careful not to damage it by using sharp objects to open it.

The procedure of putting on a condom should not be ignored. For effective use, place the rolled condom on the tip of a hard penis. While still pinching the tip of the condom, roll it down the hard penis to the end. You can opt to use lubrication or not. Lubricants increase sensitivity and consequently, the pleasure will increase for both of you. However, oils and lotions should not be used with condoms as they will weaken it. Only use the recommended type of lubricants. You should also adhere to the 30 minute condom rule which requires you to change the condom after 30 minutes to prevent any failure. Condoms should not be recycled and you should only use one condom at a time. Similarly, you cannot wear two condoms at a time as the friction will weaken them. Once you are done wrap the used condom in a tissue and throw it in the dustbin. Do not try to flash a condom down the toilet.

Store your condoms in a cool place since heat will destroy them. Always make sure you check the expiry date of a condom before buying or using. They do not last forever and an expired condom will not perform its functions. If you consider the above tips when buying condoms, storing them, wearing them and adhere to proper usage, you will enjoy protected without any fear of contracting diseases or having unwanted pregnancies. Sextoyshop.us has an amazing range of condoms and other products for all your sexual health needs.

A Darker Shade of Love: Some Ideas on Entry Level BDSM


A resurgence of interest in BDSM, or commonly sexual activities with elements of a power exchange involved, was inevitable with the release of 50 Shades of Grey, an imperfect if endearing example of a relationship with BDSM elements. Unfortunately, it is not a great primer on becoming a BDSM practitioner. Luckily, there are a number of toys that can be put to use without much cost or training!

1. Remote Controlled Vibrators
Being able to give your lover pleasure with the press of a button can put a surprising amount of control in your hands. Whether you want to leave it on until they are on the edge before leaving them begging for more or if you want to surprise them with constant reminders of their place, these come in handy!

  1. Blindfolds and Earmuffs
    Sensory deprivation highlights the remaining bits of information the mind receives. Cutting your submissive off from everything but your touch leaves them only able to think of just that. Blindfolds and earmuffs are two very simple, safe, and easy to use devices that accomplish just that!
  2. Lingerie & Clothing
    While it may seem like a tame suggestion, a carefully selected outfit and the right frame of mind can set the mood for an entire evening. For example, if your girlfriend is normally a conservative dresser, making her wear something mildly more revealing can be a safe power exchange that leaves you both crawling over each other by the end of the day.
    There are, however, some things to avoid or use with more caution than you might think is necessary
  3. Pain & Impact

The typical idea of BDSM to most folks is one person walloping on the other, at least for the short answer. In truth, you can have enjoyable BDSM experiences without intending to inflict any pain at all. You can do so, but extreme caution and the aid of an experienced practitioner are highly recommended.

  1. Rope
    A faulty bit of rope-work can leave someone with nerve damage, loss of limbs, and even death. Even if you read it in a book, you should not do rope bondage without some prior instruction. If you absolutely must disregard the warning, keep a sharp object nearby that is capable of quickly cutting the type of rope you are using.
  2. Gags
    A lot of BDSM will necessitate constant communication between you and the others involved. If a submissive is gagged and something begins to go wrong, it can be difficult to pass on a safe word or other cry for help with a gag in place. A gag by itself or a gag added after you are more familiar with the partner is fine, but exercise caution.

    Keep Learning!
    With BDSM, there is always something else to learn. No one introductory list is going to cover all the things you should try and might like, and they certainly will not tell you of all the safety concerns. Seek out additional sources of information and attempt to find people you can learn from. Good luck, and have fun! Remember to check out the full range of adult toys for Sextoyshop.us

Female Ejaculation and sex toys to help you with squirting


A good sex life is key to a good relationship. Many companies have come up with sex toys that can enhance a good sex life. Professionals have encouraged couples to try out this sex toys to boost their sex life thus making marriages not to fall out due to boring sex lives. Most experts encourage females to use this sex toys for maximum satisfaction, since females prove to be the hardest gender to please during sexual intercourse. Companies have come up with female ejaculation and sex toys product to help with female ejaculation. This product are made from very safe materials that ensure that they do not cause infection on the female. They are also made with a water resistant and waterproof material to prevent short circuits when the lady is squirting.
Climaxing in women is associated with the stimulation of the G-spot. G-spot vibrators are sex toys that are used by women to enhance G-spot stimulation. This massagers are curved at the tip to help in maximum G-spot stimulation when it hits the G-spot. The vibrations by this vibrators bring about an orgasmic experience that is the dream of every woman. When this vibrator is used well, the female will achieve maximum pleasures and squirting within no time.
Orgasms can also be experienced with the stimulation of the clitoris. Clitoral stimulators are used for this purpose. This stimulators are rubbed along the clitoris until climax is achieved. Clitoral stimulators are not inserted on the female’s vagina like the G-spot vibrators. The clitoris (C-spot) is a very sensitive part on the vagina and if worked on properly by the stimulator, the female will experience powerful orgasms.
Another type of vibrator that is used for sexual satisfaction in women is the dual purpose or the rabbit vibrator. This are used for stimulating both the G-spot and the C-spot. They are called rabbit vibrators for the mere fact that the vibrating G-spot stimulator was shaped like the ears of a rabbit. Working on both the G-spot and stimulating the C-spot at the same time brings about an orgasmic experience. Many women prefer the rabbit vibrator as the sex toy to achieve maximum satisfaction.
The couple can also use the vibrating rings that are worn on the penis, and the vibration of the ring leads to clitoral stimulation. The vibration is also said to aid men who struggle with erection problems. This leads to sexual satisfaction for the couple.
There is a rising number of clientele that are embracing the use of sex toys to avoid boring bedroom lives and also ensure sexual satisfaction. These products can also help women with female ejaculation and squirting for more fun and excitement in the bedroom.

Make Your Own Sex Toy Room


Did 50 Shades of Grey get you just a little bit curious? Of course it did. You wondered what it would be like to take some of that fun into your own Bed Room and spice up your sex life a bit.

Something 50 Shades of Grey, the movie and the books, did was pique our curiosity, but also gave us permission to seek out those grey areas and explore them without embarrassment. So if you want to explore your BDSM side with your very own ‘toy room”, just like 50 Shades of Grey, we can help.

For some people the idea of being tied up is very, very erotic. That feeling of helplessness, of giving yourself up to your partner is incredibly hot. It goes without saying that this is an activity only to be undertaken with someone you completely trust and have a safe word in place.

There are lots of bondage toys from mild to extreme. Handcuffs or silk ties are a great place to start. You’ll be amazed at how having your hands restrained changes everything! Add a mask to restrict your vision and you’re in for a treat of a new kind. Not quite knowing where the next touch is coming from, or taste or well, you get my point!

Once you graduate from basic handcuffs you can get a full body restraint kit. Even if you don’t have a 4-poster bed, these are easy to set up and use. Some slide under the mattress and some attach to bed legs and some simply tie your partner to him or herself for some luscious fun.


Speaking of teasing, that’s one of the most fun parts of bondage play. Your partner can’t get away from your strokes and caresses, so you have can play all you like. You might want to try feathers for tickling or warming oils to rub into the skin. A vibrator is the ultimate tease toy. Try a small one that fits on your finger to arouse and tease and watch your partner squirm with pleasure. Or place a larger one just near a sensitive spot to hear your partner beg for release. That release is all up to, your gift to give or withhold.

Don’t think hitting or abusive pain. Think of pain as an addition to your pleasure. It doesn’t have to be harsh and should never ever be angry. A few taps across soft creamy buttocks can be a huge turn on for both of you, especially if you have a special toy you reserve just for “punishment”.

The word “toys” is used for a reason. Toys can add an element of fun and spice to your bedroom that you haven’t explored – yet and Sextoyshop.us is the best adult store online to find everything you need.


Enjoying Pregnancy and Top Sex Toys for Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is the genesis of several amazing physical changes on a woman’s body. It brings about various thoughts, emotions and feelings and sexual one of those feelings. During pregnancy a woman has many questions criss-crossing her mind like: Can having sex cause any injuries to the baby? Is it OK to use sex toys? How can I satisfy myself and my partner sexually?

Enjoying sexual pleasures during pregnancy is very OK and any woman can enjoy sex unless they have experienced cases of miscarriage during orgasm. Below are some sex toys suggestions which can add pleasure to your sex-life at each stage of pregnancy.

First and Second Trimester.
Once your doctor has cleared you of having any penetrative sex and orgasm then anything goes within the first 2 trimesters. Ensure you always keep your toys very clean and properly maintain to reduce the chances of getting an infection when playing and pose a risk to your baby. Condoms can also be used on any of the sex toys which penetrate you and use condoms only once. Silicon dildo can be used for penetrative sex within the first two trimesters. The material platinum silicon used to make this dildo makes silicon dildos pleasurable to feel and touch. It is available is small, medium and large sizes. This dildo has an ultra-smooth shaft and it feels immensely pleasurable with lube.
In case your nipples get extremely sensitive during pregnancy, avoid using any intense nipple toys like the clamps. For a less intense stimulation of the nipples, toys such as the vibrating bullet/ bullet vibrator is recommended plus it can also be used on other parts of the body for sexual stimulation.
Also ensure that you stay well lubricated when using dildos for virginal play; use plenty of lube to mollify any dryness or tightness which might be experienced. If sensitive to lube use water based formula.

Third Trimester.
Once your doctor has cleared you from any instances of experiencing early labor during orgasm, playing sex and using sex toys is still OK. However, during this trimester its safe to play non-penetrative sex play. Mutual masturbation can take your pleasures to the next level. You can try using small set toys like the pocket vibrator or the clitoral stimulator to give you intense pleasure during sex play. Anal play is also ideal at this stage of pregnancy and a great collection of anal sex toys can be purchased from Sextoyshop.us.

Enema Anal & Sex Toys for The Ultimate Satisfaction


Sex toys are nowadays a hit in the market. More and more people are going to use the same for ultimate satisfaction if he or she is devoid of any physical partner. One such product that is extremely popular among the anal sex lover these days is the Enema Anal Toy. This is a range of anal sex toys which are specially designed to satisfy the users and to take them to the ultimate level of pleasure and enjoyment. Let’s have a look what the Enema Sex Toy is and how it helps the users.

What is an Enema Anal Toy and How Can it Help Me? 

Products like Colt Anal Douche, Ultra Douche, Flush Bulb Syringe Douche with sexy dice are very much popular among all the Enema sex toys. These are extremely favourite sex toys of the anal sex lovers. A simple insertion of the Enema toys by using the slim nozzle will give the user a lifetime pleasure. These are easy to use anal douche for a smooth anal play along with easy to operate features. Even in the low light, these toys from Enema glows well. Its typical anal douche is 7.5 – 8 inches in length for giving extremely pleasurable sex time for the users. One can insert this particular product up to 2.5 inches inside the anus. As this rubber base item contains both latex and phthalates, this is extremely comfortable and flexible to use thus leading the users to an ultimate orgasm.

What is So Special About Enema Anal Toys and Enema Anal System?

Enema Anal Toy is a great option to satisfy your desires. You can explore different sheds of yourself if you use this sex toy. It will help you to quench your thirst by making self love and will give you the ultimate pleasurable orgasm that you have never felt before. Enema Anal Toy immensely helps to feel relieved once you use it to achieve your desirable pleasure. Apart from that, this sex toy can also help you to make you mentally as well as physically strong as this toy is completely safe to use and there is no worry of getting any diseases like AIDS. Furthermore, if you have this toy you no longer need a partner or need to persuade them to agree to fulfil your needs.

Enema sex toys are a great hit in the market and Enema Anal system is being used frequently by all types of people belonging to different age groups. Enema Sex Toys are safe to use, even safer than having actual sex and its benefits will only attract you to use this tool more frequently. Even Enema Anal system will also be responsible for your orgasm and you would be bound to buy the same once you get to know the advantages of using it.

So, if you don’t have any partner to satisfy your needs and desires – need not to worry. Enema Anal sex toys are here to replace the absence of your partner and will give you a satisfaction that you have felt never before. After using the same, you will thrive to use it more often. Don’t wait anymore and buy one today to enjoy some extremely pleasurable moment with yourself! Buy one today from Sex Toy Shop US and have it delivered in no time!

Why lingerie is the perfect gift for any lady


There are many ways of surprising a lady and making them feel good about themselves while at the same time celebrating their beauty and earning their love and trust in return. One of the best ways of going about this is by buying them a gift which makes you stand out among her many friends. Have you ever considered something naughty such as a g string or some hot panties for your lady friend? If no there is no need to worry as there is always time to make amends and if yes you must hate yourself for not having done so on every other day.

There are many reasons why lingerie is the perfect gift for any lady not only it brings out the best in them but because they are a really beautiful piece of clothing and which makes both sexes do things they wouldn’t normally do under similar circumstances. Apart from being overly sexy and erotic in nature, a good piece of lingerie is comfortable, expressive and speaks volumes about your relationship with the particular lady and this adds passion to an already heated thing.

There are various lingerie options worth pursuing as not all lingerie is the same in many different ways including colors and sizes. However they all share some characteristics that make them really wonderful products of our earthly civilization. Any sexy lingerie (at least the most sought after) has to have the garter belt, teddy and the g string. Of course many of these can be ordered independently but for a lady that you care about its best to have everything set for wear.

Remember that lingerie serves more purpose for a woman than most of her other pieces of clothing and one of them is to make her feel good about her body and making a woman happy has very good results especially if you are a man.

Sex Toy Shop US has an amazing range of quality fetish clothing, stockings and pantyhose as well as other great clothing and lingerie.