A guide to spanking


Women have many sexual fantasies and studies have shown time and again that these fantasies occasionally border on the odd and extreme. Some of them range from anal intoxication (forgive the vulgar imagination) to zoological bestiality (zoological for wild animals). Yes, women’s fantasies are much stranger than those of men, with a little imagination and creativity I’m sure they can come up with much more weird ideas.

How to spank and what adult toy products can help with spanking

However, a common fantasy women face is spanking, this may be attributed to the numerous nerve endings around the midsection in a woman’s body. A relatively higher concentration is found at the hips, going towards the softer buttock area and finally merging at the clitoral and larger vaginal section. Stimulation of these nerve endings usually results in an endorphin rush that significantly increases sexual pleasure.

Science aside, there’s something very naughty and erotic about spanking. For the kinky, it kind of reinforces the “bad girl/slave whore” realization. It is especially true for the women who haven’t yet come to terms with this, till after being in bed with a sexually dominant man.

Spanking is usually done while in a foreplay session that lead to sex. However it can also be done in the process of intercourse to complement the sexual tension leading up to an orgasm. For those used to hand spanking, a spanking paddle can be used with great effect to increase the sensitivity of the bottom. After you are more accustomed to spanking use a variety of methods explore what works for you. You may try spanking harder. Or you might want to vary the speed, frequency, pressure and the area of placement of the hits. This may change with different partners, but lots of practice will ensure success.

For the more experienced, you can invest in more advanced spanking paddles such as the Bondage Boutique Advanced Split Leather Paddle. This amazing innovation ensures that you receive hits on both cheeks and you also experience double pleasure accompanied with the soft leather feeling.


If you want to take to the next level then Caning, flogging and whipping are for you. Flogging involves using a flogger that incorporates many tails connected to a handle. The great thing is that flogging can be used anywhere on the body due to the distribution of hits by the many tails a flogger contains, hence multiple pleasure. It should however be done carefully to avoid any injury. Flogging should not be used on the head and facial areas. Floggers come in various forms such the long handled Sportsheets Body Tickler Ball Chain Whip and the short handled Bondage Boutique Advanced Extra Long Suede Flogger.



For the cane, it is even more applicable with a teacher-student or a daddy-daughter fetish in mind. It is similar to a whip, however it causes less pain for the same amount of force applied. You should use it to strike the lower bottom, upper thigh region on your partner’s body. Do not use the tip to strike, rather, spare a few inches from the skin. Canes do not come in a wide variety due to their simplicity, the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather and PVC Cane seems to be a popular choice for this particular role.


If you feel flogging doesn’t do it then you can try whipping. A whip has a single slender extension that offers a greater intense feeling on a single region. You could start with a riding crop then make your way up to the bullwhips. The Bad Kitty Heart Shaped Riding Crop should serve beginners well, while for the more advanced, the Lux Fetish 6 Foot Bull Whip should come in handy. Whips are painful and dangerous when used by an inexperienced and careless hand, so lots of practice is advised.



For whipping and flogging extra care should be observed and a safe word should be used when boundaries are crossed. Also, pay special attention to skin care after these sessions, we don’t want you getting bruises to the body areas that afford you the most pleasure. View the full range of BDSM products from Sextoyshop.us the best adult shop online in the USA.

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