Giving the best erotic massage: What do I need?


Everyone knows that foreplay is the key to amazing sex and certainly the best way to keep any love life full of adventure. However, satisfying her can become an impossible task without having the right set of skills and the right kind of toys. You won’t get very far by simply scratching her back dry handed. Unlike most men, women can achieve an orgasm through soft and gentle touch in the right places and giving her an intense erotic massage will be sure to put her in the mood and take your sex life to the next level. Erotic massage is one of the most intimate forms of touch and is a terrific way to turn her on and transition your night into one of sensuality and passion. 

Massage Oils: Warming her up is not just a saying. Throwing a good massage oil into the mix will help give you the edge that you need. Using the right oil will increase sensation and make every sensual touch all the more satisfying while heating and moisturizing the skin all at the same time. The oil can be used to massage every part of her body and also be used to help stimulate any of her sensitive areas. You might also find that using the oil will help make giving the massage a pleasure and not a chore. For extra intensity, heat up the oil before giving the massage. Make sure the oil is safe before using internally.

Vibrators: These toys speak for themselves. Although using them on traditional places while you give her a massage will be orgasmic, you can also use them to intensify the massage on almost any part her body, making every one of her hairs stand up on end. You can adjust the speed of the vibrator to the right level to maximize pleasure. Additionally, these toys can be used hand in hand with massage oil to help make the massage all the more pleasurable. 

Massage Candles: Perhaps the most adventurous, these can be used as a great alternative to massage oils. The whole concept is downright sexy and sensual. You simply light the candle and let it melt. Once it’s melted, you can pour it over her skin and massage her body. Pouring it bit by bit on different areas of the body will surely help to make it more pleasurable for her. The candles are normally made from soy and do not melt at the same temperature as traditional candles. The wax feels soothingly warm and not scorching hot, so burns are of no concern. Check out all the great products online from

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