Useful Tips For Choosing And Using A Condom


Why Use A Condom?

In this world of exotic diseases, condoms have become a necessity for every person before engaging in any sexual activities. For the sake of your own protection, it is good to find the right type of condom and use it appropriately. However, most people do not like using condoms since they find them a nuisance as they are seen as distractions to enjoying the pleasure of having sex. By adhering to certain tips, you can find the right condom for you that will not inflict any pain or cause any obstruction during sex.

Choice and Proper Usage of a Condom.

First, you need to choose the best condom brand that won’t react negatively with your skin and cause complications. There are two types of condoms; the male condom and the female condom. The male condom fits over the man’s penis while the female condom fits inside the vagina thus offering protection during intercourse. Condoms are available i8n many convenient places including supermarkets, gas stations, clinics among other places.

Yes, size matters. There is no standard size for condoms and manufacturers produce them in varying sizes. The width also varies as some will provide a tight fit while some will be slightly larger. You will have to do your own research to find the right one for you. No need to worry because condoms stretch when necessary to fit you. When unwrapping the condom, be careful not to damage it by using sharp objects to open it.

The procedure of putting on a condom should not be ignored. For effective use, place the rolled condom on the tip of a hard penis. While still pinching the tip of the condom, roll it down the hard penis to the end. You can opt to use lubrication or not. Lubricants increase sensitivity and consequently, the pleasure will increase for both of you. However, oils and lotions should not be used with condoms as they will weaken it. Only use the recommended type of lubricants. You should also adhere to the 30 minute condom rule which requires you to change the condom after 30 minutes to prevent any failure. Condoms should not be recycled and you should only use one condom at a time. Similarly, you cannot wear two condoms at a time as the friction will weaken them. Once you are done wrap the used condom in a tissue and throw it in the dustbin. Do not try to flash a condom down the toilet.

Store your condoms in a cool place since heat will destroy them. Always make sure you check the expiry date of a condom before buying or using. They do not last forever and an expired condom will not perform its functions. If you consider the above tips when buying condoms, storing them, wearing them and adhere to proper usage, you will enjoy protected without any fear of contracting diseases or having unwanted pregnancies. has an amazing range of condoms and other products for all your sexual health needs.

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