Enjoying Pregnancy and Top Sex Toys for Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is the genesis of several amazing physical changes on a woman’s body. It brings about various thoughts, emotions and feelings and sexual one of those feelings. During pregnancy a woman has many questions criss-crossing her mind like: Can having sex cause any injuries to the baby? Is it OK to use sex toys? How can I satisfy myself and my partner sexually?

Enjoying sexual pleasures during pregnancy is very OK and any woman can enjoy sex unless they have experienced cases of miscarriage during orgasm. Below are some sex toys suggestions which can add pleasure to your sex-life at each stage of pregnancy.

First and Second Trimester.
Once your doctor has cleared you of having any penetrative sex and orgasm then anything goes within the first 2 trimesters. Ensure you always keep your toys very clean and properly maintain to reduce the chances of getting an infection when playing and pose a risk to your baby. Condoms can also be used on any of the sex toys which penetrate you and use condoms only once. Silicon dildo can be used for penetrative sex within the first two trimesters. The material platinum silicon used to make this dildo makes silicon dildos pleasurable to feel and touch. It is available is small, medium and large sizes. This dildo has an ultra-smooth shaft and it feels immensely pleasurable with lube.
In case your nipples get extremely sensitive during pregnancy, avoid using any intense nipple toys like the clamps. For a less intense stimulation of the nipples, toys such as the vibrating bullet/ bullet vibrator is recommended plus it can also be used on other parts of the body for sexual stimulation.
Also ensure that you stay well lubricated when using dildos for virginal play; use plenty of lube to mollify any dryness or tightness which might be experienced. If sensitive to lube use water based formula.

Third Trimester.
Once your doctor has cleared you from any instances of experiencing early labor during orgasm, playing sex and using sex toys is still OK. However, during this trimester its safe to play non-penetrative sex play. Mutual masturbation can take your pleasures to the next level. You can try using small set toys like the pocket vibrator or the clitoral stimulator to give you intense pleasure during sex play. Anal play is also ideal at this stage of pregnancy and a great collection of anal sex toys can be purchased from Sextoyshop.us.

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