How to Choose the Right Love Doll for you


Most people think that sex dolls are witty items that men take on a boring weekend. However, love dolls are used seriously by both men and women in their bedrooms as a way of hands free penetration. Sex dolls offer a more realistic sexual penetration practice than masturbators and allow the users to experiment different sexual positions that they can later try with their partners. If you are new in this world, you need to learn how to choose the right love doll. 

Low price blow up sex dolls

If you have not tried love dolls before and you want to keep you spending down, then you can’t go wrong with blow up sex dolls. Going for about $12 to $30, most sex dolls comes with up to 3 love holes (mouth, anus and vagina) as well as printed faces. The holes are empty inside but you can slip a masturbator into any of the holes to juice up your love doll play. Always use water-based lubricant when using your sex dolls and wash them afterwards. 

Realistic blow up sex dolls

These are super-pimped out models of the normal inflatable sex dolls. Instead of having empty tunnels, they’re often equipped with removable or built-in genitalia of their own. They frequently include a vibrator to liven up your sensations and some even lick, suck and talk. As if this is not enough, they come with added features such as a storage bag, an air pump, renewer powder to keep them beautiful, etc.

They tend to be more eye-catching than the normal blow up sex dolls and often have moulded hands, their own hair and more natural features that add to your experience when using them. If you have money to spend, a realistic blow up doll is one of the best love dolls for you as it needs no modification to be sensational.

Realistic sex dolls

These are the top ranked love dolls which are made and designed to be extra special and very sensational. Their bodies are moulded, sculpted or sewn to provide a sturdier doll type that feels more like a human-being, while their functional parts have been uniquely designed to be ultra realistic. They come as segments or whole, meaning you can purchase as much or as little as of the sex doll you want. 

If you are a beginner, consider your budget and how realistic you want your love doll to be when you are choosing your right sex doll.  

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